The Amtrak Station between San Luis Obispo and Guadalupe, the Grover Beach Train Station sits at the west entrance to the city. Besides serving travelers for the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, the station receives Thruway and Orange Belt stages as well as a South County Transit stop. The Train Station was built in 1996, and in 2015 almost 20,000 passengers used the station.
The Rotary Club Five Cities Eco volunteered to clean the facility as one of its charter projects. Besides cleaning up the area under the station roof, removing gum and litter and washing its floor, our crews cover the area picking up anything out of place, trimming plants and pulling weeds. The leaves are collected off the grounds and finally the station and its parking lot are swept clean, using a leaf blower donated by one of our members.
The dirtiest jobs, cleaning the restroom and removing gunk form the grounds, has eased since city management and law enforcement razed the grove of trees adjacent to the station leading to the RV park going towards Oceano. There a contingent of vagrants, homeless and others found their haven, and took advantage of proximity to the station lot. Now, with the clean-up of the trees, the Train Station work goes on without the bother of the squatters.
From our Club, typically, five-to-seven members are involved each month, volunteering to meet their commitment to Rotary Eco membership.